vertical wind tunnel

The perfect combination of security
and adrenaline: a vertical wind tunnel with a diameter of 2.8 m for children and adults.

Inclined wind tunnel

A new word in the world of extreme sports: an inclined wind tunnel, the embodiment of explosive emotions for beginners
and professionals.

flight simulator

Flight Simulator: A flight simulator for everyone, adults and children, brings explosive emotions and realistic experiences to life.


Twin FLy

This is the world's first Multipurpose Wind Tunnel Complex for performing all types of human flight in the air!

Our complex has two wind tunnels: a vertical one and the ONLY inclined tunnel in Russia for performing flights in a Wingsuit (a special suit, which we will definitely tell you about)

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Vertical wind tunnel

We are proud of our unique vertical wind tunnel. Its diameter is 2.8 meters and its height is 8 meters. Vertical wind tunnels are quite common today, but ours is special. Why? Because it is produced right here in Perm, at our AKM-tunnels plant.

Our wind tunnel meets the most modern requirements: it creates a smooth and soft air flow, provides high power when required and has high-height transparent glazing.

We use an environmentally friendly source of energy - electricity, unlike the diesel units of our competitors. In this way, we not only ensure efficient operation, but also take care of the environment.


Comfortable flight zone

The diameter of the wind tunnel allows even a very tall person to feel comfortable in flight. And the height of the flight zone will thrill the feelings of even the most fearless and courageous visitors.

Professional Instructors

Our professional instructors have a wealth of experience and knowledge necessary to train both beginners and experienced athletes. They will be with you every step of the way, ensuring safety and maximum enjoyment of your air travel.

Personalized approach

We understand that each person is unique and has different needs. That's why our instructors offer a personalized approach to training based on your individual goals, fitness and comfort level.

Safety is a priority

Your safety is our top priority. We strictly adhere to all safety standards and use advanced equipment to ensure a safe and exciting adventure.

Inclined wind tunnel

Let's dive into the world of air adventures together! We have a unique inclined wind tunnel - the second in the world and the only one in Russia. It is the crown jewel of our aerodynamic complex.

We are proud that this tunnel was designed and built in Perm with the help of local scientists, designers and experienced professionals. Our wind tunnel has become a real magnet for everyone who dreams of flying in a Wingsuit. After training with us, success in the sky is guaranteed!

Ski-jump athletes also come to us who have noticed a significant improvement in their ski jumping results after training in our wind tunnel.

Since its construction, our instructors have developed the most effective training methods, which allows us to achieve success in the shortest possible time. Dive into the world of real flights with us!


Maximum comfort

Enjoy free flight in our tunnel, designed with maximum comfort in mind for both beginners and advanced athletes. The diameter of the flight zone is designed in such a way that even three people can easily accommodate and fly simultaneously, providing a safe and comfortable space for two instructors and a student to work.

Safety first

Our facility meets the highest safety standards, providing athletes with a safe and secure space to train and improve their skills.

Advanced aerodynamics

Through intelligent design and state-of-the-art technology, our inclined wind tunnel provides an optimal training environment, allowing athletes to experiment with different movements and improve their skills with confidence.

Ideal learning space

The combination of a spacious interior and innovative design makes our tube an ideal place to train beginners and improve the skills of experienced athletes. Our instructors are ready to help you master the ins and outs of wingsuit flying and reach new heights in your sporting career.

Expert Service

We pride ourselves on our high level of service and willingness to help our clients achieve their goals. Our team of professionals is always available to provide you with all the support and guidance you need.

3D Flight Simulator

Imagine yourself in the role of a real fighter pilot, enter the world of exciting air battles and enchanting maneuvers without leaving the ground. Our simulator is not just a flight emulation, it is a real immersion into the world of aviation!

In addition to the opportunity to experience adrenaline in wind tunnels, you will be able to realize your wildest dreams of participating in loops and barrels, and recreate exciting air battles right in the cockpit of our simulator. The combination of advanced technologies and realistic 3D graphics will make you feel like a real pilot!

This simulator will not leave either children or adults indifferent. Feel the excitement of taking off and piloting a fighter jet, enjoy the emotions of a real pilot, without leaving the cockpit of our simulator. For those who dream of the sky, our 3D Flight Simulator is a real discovery!

Dive into the world of aviation right now!


Full simulation of fighter piloting

With the help of advanced technologies and realistic 3D graphics, you will feel like a real pilot, controlling the most modern fighter aircraft.

Variety of missions and scenarios

From exciting dogfights to missions in a wide variety of environments, our simulator offers a variety of scenarios to suit a wide range of preferences and skill levels.

Interactive Features

Meet challenges in real time by responding to changing flight conditions and combat situations. Feel the real atmosphere of air combat!

Personalization and customization

Customize the simulator to suit your needs and preferences by choosing the type of fighter, weather conditions, time of day and much more.

Flight stages


Book a convenient time through the website, social networks or by phone


Please arrive at the complex 40 minutes before your flight to fill out a form, change clothes, warm up and receive instructions.


Get stylish, comfortable equipment (overalls, helmet, shoes, gloves, disposable caps)


Receive pre-flight briefing with an experienced instructor


Enjoy your flight with the support of an instructor


4 minutes

vertical wind tunnel
3 000
  • 4 minutes flight
  • Adults/children
  • for one person
хит продаж

6 minutes

vertical wind tunnel
3 900
  • 6 minutes flight
  • Adults/children
  • for one person
ХИТ продаж

8 minutes

vertical wind tunnel
4 800
  • 8 minutes flight
  • Adults/children
  • up to two people
хит продаж

20 minutes

inclined wind tunnel
15 000
  • 20 minutes flight
  • Adults/children
  • up to two people

All tariffs

Sign up for the flight

You can always sign up for a flight by phone number: +7 (951) 947-94-35. Or leave a request for a flight by filling out the form below, we will contact you soon to clarify the details, date and time of the flight.

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При единоразовой покупке 10 часов полётного времени - одиннадцатый час в подарок!

При единоразовой покупке 5 часов полётного времени без инструктора в любой аэротрубе - 20 минут в подарок!

Holiday "The Impossible is Possible"

It will be interesting not only for children with us!

A unique holiday in the Multipurpose Wind Tunnel Complex TWIN FLY. Your holiday will be conducted by our instructor Lebedev Rodion, he is not only a wind tunnel flight trainer, but also an artist of the original genre. A holiday with us will give you the opportunity to touch not only the sport of parachuting, but also the world of circus arts.


Why arrive 40 minutes in advance?

The answer is simple, this is necessary so that your flight starts on time. Before the flight, you need to have time to fill out documents, change clothes, and undergo pre-flight briefing. Thus, by arriving on time, you will be free on time and will not delay people who will fly after you, just as those who were before you will not create a shift in the schedule for you and will not disrupt your further plans for the day.

What do you need with you?

The most important thing is to be in a good mood! Although if you forget, we will give it to you along with overalls, shoes and a helmet! You also need to take documents and clothes that you will wear under our overalls. In the summer it can be a T-shirt and shorts, in the winter it can be thermal underwear. If you have a gift certificate, then you need to take that too.

What is a habitual shoulder dislocation?

This is the main contraindication to flying. In flight, the arms are spread out like wings, which implies, albeit a small, load on the shoulder joint. With a habitual dislocation, there is a high probability that it will happen again in flight.

Age restrictions

Flights are suitable for everyone from 4 years old.

Weight restrictions? What if a person is 119 kg?

Our wind tunnel is very powerful and is ready to lift any pilot into the air! However, the larger the person, the harder it is for the instructor to do his job. We limit the weight for visiting to 120 kilograms.

Why remove jewelry?

A strong wind flow can simply blow them away and carry them outside the wind tunnel through the ventilation ducts. You can also get caught in the net and get hurt.

Won't we go down the drain?

Our wind tunnel is a closed type, it has restrictions on all sides. Glass and panels on the sides, bottom and top - mesh. But the most important thing is that there is an experienced instructor inside with you who will not let you go high if it is unsafe.

How many minutes does it take for the first time?

The recommended time for the first visit is 6 to 10 minutes per person. This time is divided into parts and taken out in several passes, 2-3 minutes at a time. There is time to take a break, analyze the previous flight and enter with renewed vigor!

What happens if the electricity goes out?

Yes, our wind tunnel runs on electricity, which has a very good effect on the environment and ease of use. If the electricity is turned off, the wind tunnel also turns off, but due to the inertia of the closed air flow and motor fans, it does this smoothly enough to make the landing soft and safe.

What is your full name when purchasing a certificate on the website? Personalized certificate?

The certificate is not personal, the buyer’s data is needed to identify the payment and send the certificate by email.

Is it cold to fly in winter?

No, the temperature in the wind tunnel is always maintained at a comfortable temperature for flight. True, on the hottest summer days it may be a little warmer than we would like.

Will we all fly at once?

No, everyone takes turns flying. Only experienced people with confident wind tunnel flying skills can fly together.